More on NSA

As I’m reading the data being released. I am becoming more concerned with this current NSA program. The comments from the whistleblower that he could access a full slate of wiretaps on any person, anywhere. This is troubling. It appears (shockingly) that there has been a much larger overreach than originally reported.

My original point that what’s needed here and what is happening, is a fundamental rethinking of our wiretapping policies.

I do support the right of the government to have some wiretap authority over our communications. It is a tool necessary for effective law enforcement (don’t agree? watch the wire and come back to me). Like all public policies, it has been and will be abused. But it’s utopian to push for a world completely free of governmental surveillance.

It’s going to be interesting to see what more this whistleblower has to say. To watch his prosecution and his possible request for asylum in China (conjecture on my part). It is a very interesting case.

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